Website Design and SEO

The Effects Of  SEO Website Design On Your Online success

SEO Website Design begins with structure. The right structure is one of the ways that search engines establish relevance and website info. Structure of a website needs to be based on the results and analysis of deep keyword research to establish the search volume for various keywords related to the niche. Considerable skill and understanding of how search engines read websites is the key to getting it right.

Many website designers think they understand how good site structure works but unfortunately MOST website designers do not understand this fundamental foundation stage of a websites construction..Website structure should be given serious thought by an SEO who has a track record of pushing sites to page 1 of Google. Most website designers can not demonstrate their capacity to do that.

While style and graphic design are also important they are not significant ranking factors. Google is not concerned with how you website looks. They are concerned about being able too read your websites content, structure, relevance and authority. These terms are the realm of the SEO.

Search engine marketing Web Design and Website Optimization

SEO services need to be taken much more seriously by businesses spending money on fancy website design. A savvy business owner will make sure that thy employ the services of a professional SEO if they want to have any chance of being found in the search engines. You could equate the services of an SEO to that of an engineer for a building and the web designer is like the architect. Both have a role to play. When you leave the design up to the engineer it may be strong and last a long time but it is unlikely to have much design flair. On the other hand if you want the architect to design the engineering you could be in trouble. It may look good but is it going to last, is it safe and will it pass inspection?

Search engines crawl the world wide web day and night and visit every website in the world checking and reading and reporting on over 200 items that make up Google’s ranking algorithm. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) implies that the two are tied together. They are. SEM is based on driving leads and page visits and traffic to a particular website and therefore right from the start SEO will play a major role

SEM is about aiming for organic search traffic looking for the products and services that a website provides. SEM can be focused on a local business, national business or global business and each of these has a different approach.

Competing for organic traffic is a highly skilled role. It is NOT just a matter of having a great Facebook page and getting thousands of likes although this can be helpful. It has been demonstrated many times that websites can top the search results with little or no social engagement. Now days it is not recommended to neglect social signals however, there are far more important facets of SEO to focus on and ones that will produce the results that are important – search rankings!


In a nutshell, both the architect and the engineer are essential for constructing a building and the same applies to the relationship between the web designer and the SEO.

On page SEO or Off page SEO should also focus on Online Buyers


SEO is clearly split into two separate areas. On Page SEO and Off Page SEO and they pretty well what they imply. On Page SEO start with the structural design as mentioned above. It deals with  site structure, content structure, content relevance and expression of Meta Data. There is a very important relationship between all of these on page facets.Off Page SEO is a completely different ball game. One thing to be very aware. Applying off page SEO to a website that is not SEO optimised can waste your money or at least not be very effective because the foundational elements of the website are missing.

What is Off Page SEO

Off page SEO is the work done to build up a websites authority and relevance in Googles eyes. SEO’s know that Google loves relevance and authority and these two elements together account for the lions share of what drives a websites rankings. When done correctly is the most significantly powerful process for lifting a website up the ranks of the search engines. Off Page SEO is often approached simplistically with the attitude of sending links to the target website. Links are very important but so is their quality. Poor quality links can do more damage than good and can even result in a website being de-indexed. This being the case it is usually very unwise to accept cheap link packages if you want your site to stay clean and clear of link spam. The authentic and skilled SEO will not use methods that could have any possibility of being detrimental to the target website. Many services offering ink packages also do not bring results.

There is no shortage of SEO companies that make wild claims and are brazen about charging huge sums of money to their clients for SEO over periods of months and even years without any success in the search positions.


What is The Best Approach to Get Your Site Ranked in the Top 10

Engage an SEO with a proven track record before you start building the website. This is so important because he/she will map out the structural foundation that the web designer can hand their design and content on. Do this and you have a solid foundation for proceeding down the track knowing that your house is NOT built on sand. Make sure that your website designer understands this becuase many web designer feel extremely threatened by SEO’s